Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmas 2008

Hi everyone! We are back in Chicago after a quick 8 days in Calgary, a lovely time seeing family and friends. We stayed at the Yeh house, and had lots of good meals with Peggy and Jerry, Donald, A-Ma, the aunts/cousins, my Dad, and Heather and Ben. As usual, I spent some quality time shopping with Heather, breakfasting with Adam, and getting beaten handily by my Dad at pool, and by everyone at poker. I did pretty well on my first couple of attempts at MahJong, though! We even went to a terrific Flames game (6-3 over the Senators, woohoo!) at the Dome.

We came back last night (New Year's Eve), in time to watch the ball drop. Here are a few pictures from our trip. Unfortunately, I forgot that I had the camera on me most of the time, so I only caught a few moments.

High-stakes poker, for jolly ranchers and, most importantly, pride.

Post-Christmas eve dinner

Donald and A-Ma

The girls

Brotherly love (man, it took me a lot of tries to get this shot!)

The aftermath of our dinosaur animation project


We usually take a longer holiday but this year we wanted to reserve some vacation days for our delayed honeymoon trip (more details later on, when we actually make some plans!) so it was short but very sweet. 2008 was nice for us, since we got to spend a fair amount of time in Canada (and for some wonderful reasons!)

We wish everyone a really terrific new year, and hope that 2009 holds wonderful things for us all!

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