Monday, January 26, 2009


Ok, one last post today.

Over Christmas, we were at Heather and Ben's house hanging out, and I developed an unhealthy fascination with their bowl of nuts. Specifically, I was enthralled with trying to crack them, as I wasn't very good at it. Just imagine loud cracking noises and explosions of shell fragments going every which way. Ben was a great sport, accepting my sheepishly offered bits of 'nutmeat' without reservation.

A few weeks after we got home,
imagine our surprise when we got a package notification in our mailbox... Amazon? I didn't order anything from Amazon, did you? No...? Could this be a belated wedding gift? I have no idea...

We opened it in the elevator on the way up to our apartment, and Brian immediately keyed into the fact that it was a nutcracker! As you can see, it comes with a cool bamboo bowl (which perfectly matches one of our cutting boards) and fits neatly inside. We finally found nuts in their shells this weekend at a supermarket, and were very excited to fill it up. For some reason, I'm much better at cracking these nuts (deez nutz?), really I am!

Thanks H&B!!

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