Sunday, June 22, 2008

Bacon of the Month - May/June 2008

The May bacon was scheduled to arrive the week we left for the wedding, so we asked them to delay the delivery. As a result, we received two packages in relatively close succession. Unfortunately neither one was really much to write home about.

Loveless Cafe Country Smoked Bacon - May 2008
When I opened the shipping box (not the package itself), there was already a strong smoky smell. Indeed, the cooked product was both smoky and salty...incredibly smoky and salty. Quite a disappointment after the strong April showing.

New Braunfels Smokehouse Comal County Smoked Bacon - June 2008

The best thing I can say about the New Braunfels bacon is that it wasn't at all objectionable. Other than that, however, there wasn't much to make it stand out. Solid, but certainly not exceptional.

Bacon ranking:
1. J. Samuel Whiting Hickory Bacon (Apr 2008)
2. North Country Cob Smoked Bacon (Oct 2007)
3. Vande Rose Farms Applewood Smoked Bacon (Dec 2007)
4. (tie) Hudson Valley Smokehouse Smoked Country Style Bacon (Feb 2008)
4. (tie) Burgers' Pepper Bacon (Mar 2008)
4. (tie) New Braunfels Smokehouse Comal County Smoked Bacon (June 2008)
7. Jim Oliver's Hickory Smoked Bacon (Jan 2008)
8. Tripp Country Bacon (Nov 2007)
9. Loveless Cafe Country Smoked Bacon (May 2008)

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riceandwheat said...

wunh wunh for new braunfels. i was hoping that bacon would rawk b/c i've been there (close to san antonio) - but then i remembered that we used to buy ham from there and it was alright but not amazing.