Thursday, June 12, 2008

Musings on a stormy day

Growing up in Calgary, I loved great big, billowy clouds that spread across the open sky, and especially the sheet-like chinook variety that heralded warmer temperatures (I know, you're thinking, what's a chinook?) In LA I always noted the lack of clouds - it was either sunny, blue and cloudless, or overcast and wholly hazy. I am excited to report that our move to Chicago has brought clouds back into my life (not to mention very distinct seasons).

Now summer is upon us here after an all-too-short spring, marked so far by really humid, warm days and long stretches of thunderstorms. I took this picture from our apartment during a break in the rains. Not sure if it quite comes across, but there was a clarity in the air that only appears after the rain, and the city seemed to be aglow underneath the threatening clouds. There's something exciting about it, isn't there?

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