Friday, June 6, 2008

OFT No. 12 - Pastamaking

***We interrupt the regularly scheduled Wedding Recap Posts to bring you this breaking story...***

That's right, OFTs have returned! We are back to normal life, having wrested our nights and weekends from the hungry jaws of the wedding planning monster. Don't get me wrong, I had a LOT of fun planning and creating for the wedding, but it was always a little hard knowing that I was spending months upon months getting things ready for an event that would last just a day or two. In hindsight, I am so glad that we put all the effort that we did into the details, and honestly, if we were to do it again, I wouldn't do anything less. Sadly, I'd probably do more :)

But, with that said, it's superawesome to be able to relax in the evenings, to just watch TV without exacto knife in hand, and to make plans for other things with other people.

This Fun Thing came courtesy of one of our wedding gifts, the pasta roller attachments for our new Kitchenaid stand mixer. Ever since these babies arrived on our doorstep last month, Brian has been thinking about it, and anxiously awaiting the day we could put them to use. (I don't want to single people out for gift-giving, but thank you, you know who you are!)

We made regular old egg pasta, in the shapes of a handcut papardelle and a machine-cut fettucine. The pasta was great - nice and toothy. Brian preferred the fettucine, but I love me a wide noodle. We did a really simple alfredo sauce so the pasta could be the star of the show, and it was a great first batch! Without further ado, some photos of this adventure in noodleland:

Incorporating eggs and flour - wotta mess!

Rolling out the dough

Running it through the rollers - voila! Fettucine!

Handcut papardelle

Finished product, a lovely mess o' noodles alfredo

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riceandwheat said...

yummm nathan and i must try it. we got an old-fashioned pasta roller from n's parents so we will let you know how ours turn out!