Sunday, April 13, 2008

J. Samuel Whiting Hickory Bacon - Apr 2008

J. Samuel Whiting's packaging leaves quite a bit to be desired, but their bacon was actually very impressive. According to the Bacon of the Month insert, they placed first at the 2005 Pennsylvania Meat Processor's Association competition. I have no idea how prestigious this competition is, but I can assure you the award is well-deserved. Thick-sliced and quite lean, the cooked product had great texture and flavor that's definitely well-suited to be eaten in whole slices. The BLT's were fantastic, and the bacon was a great complement to the cinnamon french toast we made for breakfast this morning.

This bacon was clearly the best of the recent offerings. I'm going to give it first place (for now), but it's pretty unfortunate that we can't do a head-to-head comparison with the previous frontrunner.

Bacon ranking:
1. J. Samuel Whiting Hickory Bacon (Apr 2008)
2. North Country Cob Smoked Bacon (Oct 2007)
3. Vande Rose Farms Applewood Smoked Bacon (Dec 2007)
4. (tie) Hudson Valley Smokehouse Smoked Country Style Bacon (Feb 2008)
4. (tie) Burgers' Pepper Bacon (Mar 2008)
6. Jim Oliver's Hickory Smoked Bacon (Jan 2008)
7. Tripp Country Bacon (Nov 2007)


angi said...

meat processor's association competition! that sounds hardcore. i wonder what sorts of categories they have. best ground meat? lifetime achievement award in pork?

Pinko Punko said...

the bacon tasted good, but shockingly had MSG and hydrolyzed corn protein in the cure. That's cheating! This is of course why it tasted so savory.