Thursday, October 4, 2007

Watch Friday Night Lights

The best show you aren't watching starts its second season Friday night on NBC.

Friday Night Lights is easily one of our favorite shows, and we recommend you give it a try. What's that? You don't want to watch a show about football? Don't worry, "FNL" isn't really about football. It's an insightful look into a small town and the characters (particularly, Coach Taylor and his family) are extremely well-written. It's a good mix of drama (Michelle cries almost every episode) and comic relief (primarily from an actor we refer to as "poor man's Matt Damon"). I would actually say the football is the weakest part of the show (too many last-second hollywood comebacks).

Want to know more? Read this article from Bill Simmons (ESPN). As he says, "if you continue to ignore FNL, it's only because you're trying to hurt me".

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Miche said...

Yeah, watch it! It's awesome, Season 1 was really compelling. And I do not cry at every episode. Sometimes I just tear up, and sometimes it's just a little lump in my throat... but anyway, it's a physiological thing! I can't help it!

But really, watch it. And then comment here and tell us how much you loved it.