Thursday, October 18, 2007

Home Sweet Home

Well, the time has come, we can finally post pictures of our house!

Here's the view from the bedroom door. It's hard to tell but there's quite a bit of room between the bed and the window, so we'll be putting a small loveseat or chair-and-a-half there in the (hopefully) near future:

The bed - those are the paintings I did on the weekend. I think they work pretty nicely in the space.

Obligatory bathroom photo - note the cool inside of the medicine cabinet - one of my favorite ideas put into action!

The entranceway - it was too narrow for a console table, so we installed a small wall shelf - it's perfect!

The view of the main area from the entranceway. Hm, who's that on the TV?

The living room area. Note our awesome new rug, and the chaise part of the sofa under the stripey throw - very decadent! Also, my "photoscape" makes its appearance on the wall that we painted ourselves. The color looks a little light in the picture, but it's a lovely shade of minty green. And zeroing in on the TV, why, it's Rose and Dorothy, a couple of Golden Girls!

The view out of the living room; in the foreground is our "window bench" made from Brian's old coffee table and some of the cushions I have:

My desk/office area. As you can see, we still need to buy a new office chair. The lone kitchen table chair that Brian brought with him suffices in the meantime:

The breakfast bar. Brian's favorite place to sit in the morning with the paper:

The inside view of the kitchen:

And one last shot, of my very fun sock monkey slippers:

That's it! I hope it was worth the wait. We love it.


Anonymous said...

i can't see it just my computer?

Miche said...

Hm, it loads up fine on my and Brian's computers. Anyone else having trouble?

Anonymous said...

it looks sooooo beautiful!! you guys did a such a great decorating job! thx for sharing photos with us...

as for the pics, i had probs on a pc with lower memory earlier today, but it's okay now...

k.i.u.c.! :)

Anonymous said...

Brian & Michele.
your apartment is looking so very nice... I will have to hire you to help me decorate my house after it is painted soon..
The pictures are just fine for me as well. They are looking great !!
Take care & talk to you soon.

Small Ah Yi

Anonymous said...

You've been busy!! Looks wonderful! -maggi

Liz K said...

Your place is so lovely! Can't wait to see it in person! Will have to think about planning a little trip...

Anonymous said...

Brian and Michelle,

I can't believe how much you guys have done in a month, since our visit. You did such a terrific job, much better than our first little nest. Can't wait to see the improvements in person.


Anonymous said...

the place looks great! I love those chaise sofas...I'll come visit just for that...And especially to see you guys, I mean. :)

angi said...

dude, you guys live in a grown-up house! it's so nice!