Monday, May 26, 2008

We're married!

Hi everyone,

We're back from our super awesome 2 weeks of wedding prep, wedding activities, post-wedding recovery, and Montreal mini-moon. We have a lot to update and share, and while we're sad that the wedding's over, we're excited to get back to more normalcy and OFTs and exploring Chicago. It's back to work for us tomorrow, but here's what you can look forward to in the very near future:

Wedding recaps (with photos) - it was such a fun and emotional weekend, there is a lot to say and describe! Professional pictures won't be in for a while, but we will post others in the meantime. We got some great photos from some of you at the brunch, but many of you have mentioned that you had more to share. Please comment below or get in touch with one of us if you have pics from the wedding that you'd like us to have.

Montreal minimoon recap (with photos) - our post-wedding travels were built around relaxation and food (what else?)! Who won the battle of The Newlyweds vs. Poutine? You be the judge. How was the foot of the pig at Au Pied de Cochon? Only photos will tell.

More OFTs - now that the weather is warming up and our nights and weekends are not automatically dedicated to wedding tasks, we should have regular fun things to report on.

Bacon updates - If you're keeping count, we still have 5 months of bacon to go, so the tasting and ranking continues. We had to postpone the May delivery because of the wedding, so we should be getting two batches pretty close to each other (yikes!)

So stay with us, and you know we love it when you chime in, so feel free to leave comments anytime!

-The Drs. Yeh

P.S. Here's a little teaser photo, taken by our lovely friend Jen!

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