Sunday, September 16, 2007

New beginnings

Goodness, we start our new postdocs tomorrow. It's hard to believe that the day has finally come, not just in the sense that our 3-month break (not quite a vacation, as Brian would say) is over, but also in the larger sense that we are actually working folk, not students.

So what have we been doing for the past few weeks? Well, after we signed the lease on our apartment, we spent two wonderful weeks in Vancouver (Richmond, actually) at my brother Jonathan's house. It was fun visiting friends and hanging out with Jono (Natalie was out of town). Toward the end of our stay, my Dad came from Calgary as did my aunt and uncle from Toronto so it was a bit of a family reunion.

My birthday also coincided with our visit up North, so we spent one night in Victoria - the capital of BC, and then two nights in Nanaimo, a little further north on the island. Our bed and breakfasts were great, and the little towns were fun to visit.

On the ferry to Victoria:

Crab trapping in Nanaimo - apparently crabs like raw chicken...mmm...

So, after Vancouver we returned to Chicago to take over our apartment. Our stuff in storage wouldn't be delivered for a couple of days so it was back to the air mattress for us. But then, Hurricane Belongings hit and we were inundated with STUFF:

The last couple of weeks have been full of visits with Rashay, Brian's parents, and Roby, and otherwise dealing with all of that stuff, and making our place livable. It's a great place, we're really happy, but we have a little ways to go still. So, no pictures of the place just yet. For now, here is the view from our living room window:

Lake view facing SE:

City view facing S:

And with that, I'll say goodnight and get ready for my first day of school work. That's Dr. Fung to you.

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maggi said...

so that's what it's like on the other side of a Ph.D. - i like the view!!