Sunday, May 9, 2010

Sunday in Saigon

This is my last day in Saigon (for now, will be flying out of here to Hong Kong so I'll probably spend another day in the city). Most of the Habitat team is here so we all went out today and had some tasty food (sadly, we tried to catch the "lunch lady" of Anthony Bourdain - No Reservations Fame but she wasn't cooking today. We did meet her though!)

It's still very hot but I think I'm acclimating, and just learning that you do not walk anywhere more than a couple of meters! Just grab a taxi, it's super cheap. Unless they scam you and take you out of the way (yes, happened to us, sigh).

Sorry for pictureless updates! I have been taking a few pictures but not as many as other people in the group, and I think we will just have a huge Picasa exchange site later on. There should be some great stuff. Some notables:

- SO MANY motorbikes on the street, and the complete anarchy that is traffic here. No accidents observed yet, though! And some pretty adorable kids riding in their parents laps.
- Fully exposed, probably incredibly dangerous electrical wiring on the streets. My roommate is an electrician and she is just incredulous at it all.
- Good food, so cheap. You can really eat well for next to nothing, it's amazing. I am very sad to be avoiding iced drinks, though, as they look delicious and would provide some much-needed refreshment!
- The Americans bombed the heck out of this country (not that I didn't know that before, but a visit to the War Remnants Museum yesterday sure emphasized it)
- Lots of pretty French colonial architecture
- No bahn mi (vietnamese sandwiches) yet, can you believe it? Soon, soon. It's actually *almost* too hot to be hungry. WHAT?? Yes, it's true. I don't have much of an appetite because of the heat. Sigh again.

I'm off to buy a plane ticket to Hanoi for after the build!

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