Saturday, May 2, 2009


We made it safe and sound to Tokyo! I am writing from our super generous friend Mina's apartment in Shibuya (she's not here, she's on her own vacation in the Phillipines). It is about 5pm here, which means 3am in Chicago, on Saturday morning. We left our house at 4am on Friday morning for the airport. Yes, that means we have been traveling for 23 hours. But we're here and SO excited to start exploring! (And eating, of course!)

It looks like we have internet at least while we are here in Tokyo (for the next 4 days) so we should be able to update you and hopefully even upload photos of our time here. And I *do* want to write more about New Orleans since I've never been before, so stay tuned for more commentary to go with the pictures.

Ok, think we'll hit the streets in search of some adventure with a side of noodles. Hm, it looks like you may actually call this a vacation :)

P.S. Here is our itinerary, in case you want to follow along: 

May 2-6: Tokyo
May 7-9: Kyoto (maybe a day trip to Nara)
May 10-11: Hiroshima (+ day trip to Miyajima)
May 12-13: Kobe 
May 14: Koyasan
May 15: Tokyo
May 16: Back to Chicago

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