Sunday, December 2, 2007


We had our first real snowfall yesterday. I'm talking big, fluffy white stuff that actually stuck to the ground and to our car while we were grocery shopping. I was going to take a picture but once we got back into the house I didn't want to go out again! We even turned down an invitation to go out, it was that bad.

It wasn't cold enough for it to really stay around, though, so while a fair bit of it fell, it quickly turned into freezing rain and howling wind. There was quite a storm through the night, and rain all day today, but it looks calmer (yeah, we didn't go out all day today either! Wimps...)

This really shouldn't be a big deal, since we grew up in Calgary and all, but living in California for 6-7 years will really change your perspective. It was a little magical, a lot cold, and really nice that it was the weekend and we didn't have to go out if we didn't want to! I'm just not looking forward to when the snow really does pile up, since you can't park on city streets if there are more than 2 inches on the ground. Parking is hard enough most of the time!

Welcome to Chicago winters...

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Anonymous said...

hi k.i.u.c. :)
how fun!!! welcome to windy city winters...sounds like a fun, cozy weekend! take a photo next time if you can ;) have a great week.