Friday, August 17, 2007

Wedding Karma

Since we got rid of most of our furniture when we left California, we've been checking out a few home furnishing and accessories stores around. Last week we went into CB2, the modern offshoot of a pretty popular store (once again, no names, but you can probably guess from the initials...).

At the same time, I am always on the lookout for wedding supplies, since I want to do a lot of things myself (or with the help of trusty friends...he he). In particular, I have been envisioning a certain centerpiece that requires certain containers (sorry, but all you get are vague references for now, gotta retain the element of surprise!)

So while we were in CB2, I saw these great boxes that could work as said containers. However, there weren't enough on the shelf so I went to ask a store employee if they had any in the back. He went to check, and when he came back with a bunch more, he asked me what they were for. As soon as I said "well, I was thinking of using them in my wedding reception centerpieces," his eyes lit up. Apparently he is a florist by trade!

He got what I was thinking of doing for the centerpieces, but wasn't really jazzed about the containers I'd picked. He was all excited about the idea, though. So for the next 15 minutes, he took me around the store, throwing around other ideas - things that I hadn't thought about, but will probably incorporate. The best part was that his recommendations were even cheaper than the sale boxes! It was awesome and I was really inspired by his help. It was like a free consultation (and believe me, in the wedding game, very few things are cheap, much less free)! Lucky for Brian, there were couches all around so he just plunked himself down while the employee and I went gallivanting around the store.

To add to the feeling of luck or fate or what have you, he said that I'd caught him just in time, as this was his last day on the job. When I asked him where he was heading the next day, one guess as to where he was going? Yup, he was going to a new job as a full time wedding florist!

Yay for good wedding karma!

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